Friday, January 20, 2017

How to Rock a College Audition

Auditioning for a music or theatre program in college can be very stressful. In high school, you may have an audition coach or voice teacher to help you prepare. In college, a lot of the preparation falls on you. Below are a few tips for a successful audition. 

1. Use your Resources

I am lucky enough to attend a school where the professors do not charge you for extra training outside of class. However, most professors do not advertise that they are training for free. The first thing you need to do is ask your professors if they would be willing to look at your set outside of class. Another resource to take advantage of is your school library. They often own or have access to contemporary plays for your monologue(s). Last, vocal music can typically be ordered online for under $10. 

2. Always be Learning

In some calls, you may be asked to perform a piece of music, slides, or a dance. In order to be able to successfully do these things, it is important to practice your quick learning skills. This can be done by attending a dance class at school and sight-reading music. The longer you keep your brain learning new dances and music, you will be able to pick them up on the spot in an audition. 

3. Practice with Others

Most people can perform perfectly in the comfort of their own room or shower. Once there is an audience, you may forget to breathe or your brain might blank. To avoid this from happening, practice your entire set in front of a friend, or multiple friends, if you have the option. This should make you at ease when you perform in front of others again at your audition. Friends can also help you improve with their feedback. 

College auditions can be scary for your first year. It gets better as time goes on and you begin to learn what your performance strengths are. Just keep practicing, do your best, and never be afraid to ask for help. Break a leg!

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