Friday, February 17, 2017

Making Connections with Intimidating People

Everyone has been there; whether you are attending a conference, interviewing for a new job, or visiting professionals, making connections with experienced people can seem intimidating. Below are a few things to remember when you are faced with this challenge. 

1. They started out like you.

When someone holds a lot of power, they may seem non relatable or too sophisticated to be in your circle of professionals. One thing I like to remember is that everyone had to start somewhere. Most likely, they have been in the position you are in now. Take advantage of their knowledge and ask what they were doing in your position and what you can do to better yourself. 

2. Don't try to impress them. 

People will notice if you are going way out of your way to impress someone. There is no need to bluff or lie to make yourself seem like you know more than you do. People are much more impressed by someone that is eager to learn than a know-it-all. 

3. Be yourself.

Just because someone holds a high position, it doesn't mean you have to agree with everything they say. The key to successful, professional relationships is to be respectful in your disagreement. Don't trade your values and beliefs to try to get into a circle with someone that you do not agree with. That will only halt your philanthropy and make your personal causes seem fake. 

As stressful as powerful people can be, remain confident in who you are, what you have to bring to the relationship, and be open to learning. 

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  1. I can completely relate to this. These are some tips that I seriously need to remind myself of when dealing with intimidating people. I would consider myself a people pleaser, so tip #2 would definitely apply to me! I always worry about making an intimidating person happy. I like this change in posts, and the message you were giving out. Thanks for sharing!