Thursday, February 9, 2017

Tips to Maximize your LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn is a professional social site that employers use to research potential employees. As someone who hasn't started looking for professional jobs, I didn't think that having a LinkedIn account was necessary. Over winter break, I attended a job shadowing day at Curiosity Advertising in Cincinnati, Ohio. After talking with Stacie Dastoor, account supervisor and hiring staff manager, I discovered that I needed to create an account as soon as possible. Below are a few tips I learned about what employers look for on a LinkedIn account.

1. Updated Information

This may seem obvious, but many create their accounts and neglect updating it with current information. There are sections on your profile for skills, classes, hobbies and organizations. Employers want to see what you are currently involved in. Also, you may have acquired more skills which will only look more impressive. 

2. Actively Engaged

What many people forget, is that LinkedIn is a social network. While being careful to not post anything inappropriate, employers want to see you occasionally share an article that you thought was interesting or some insight that you have gained. 

3. Portfolio

Along with blog posts, share recent works on your account. Some recommend creating your own website as an online portfolio and leave the link to your website on your LinkedIn account. This way, employers will know if you are capable of doing tasks in the job description before they interview you. 

The most important advice is to be present; especially if the job you are applying for is in any way media related. An active account shows employers that you are aware of current events, tactics, and changes in the media. 
Sources: Curiosity Advertising employees

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