Sunday, February 5, 2017

Twitter Etiquette

In this week's reading, Guy Kawasaki discusses Twitter etiquette. For me, these things were common sense. However, Guy wouldn't have dedicated a spot in his book to it, if people didn't have a problem with it. Here a few points I have noticed that people my age often do on social media. 

1. Don't be belligerent

Social media is an interactive site. Also, if you are an American, you have freedom of speech. Telling someone what they can and cannot post is not your place. If you are unhappy with someone's posts, unfollow them. 

2. Don't announce when you have unfollowed somebody

Congratulations, you have finally unfollowed someone instead of trying to change them! Now that that person is no longer on your feed, there is no reason to continue discussing them. Telling others why you unfollowed someone or asking them to also unfollow that person, will only make people want to unfollow you. 

3. Don't swear

This is more for professional sites, however, if you are applying for jobs, a company may be viewing your site and choose to not give you an interview because of all the swear words on your feed. Also, as a personal preference, I don't see swear words as necessary for making a point. It will make you seem less intelligent than others. 

Those are just a few things that I see regularly on my feed from my peers. If you are considering becoming a role model to anyone someday, then I would recommend cleaning up your feed! 

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