Sunday, February 19, 2017

When Did Google Take Over the Internet?

I spent some time starting a book about Social Media Marketing and was shocked by how much Google has to offer. Aside from Google searches, you can create an entire company on Google alone. Here is a long list of everything that Google can do. 

1. Gmail

Through Gmail, you can create a free email and send and receive mail. 

2. Google Drive

In Google Drive, you can create word documents, slide shows, forms, sheets and many more. Google Drive also gives you the option to download free external links to drive so you can create programs, invitations, and cards. 

3. Google Calendar

Through Google calendar, you can create multiple schedules and also have the option to share a calendar with multiple people. 

4. Google+

Google+ is the social side of Google. You can +1 other members, similar to liking on Facebook. 

5. Google Contacts

Since Google has a social side, they need a place where you can store all of your contact information to contact people through their texting service (see Google Allo). 

6. Google Groups

Google Groups is similar to the instant messaging system associated with other email providers. 

7. Google Maps

Get directions to anywhere in the world and receive an estimated time and mileage for the trip.

8. Google Translate

Although it was not trusted by my Spanish teacher in high school, Google Translate provides a near translation of words and phrases. 

9. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a video chat feature. While you can simply hangout with friends, Google also provides the option to have a Hangout shared to YouTube.

10. Google Photos

Unlike smart phones, Google Photos has no limit to the amount of photos that can be stored in this drive. 

11. Google Classroom

Google Classroom was used in my high school. It provides teachers with a way to post assignments and have students submit responses virtually. 

12. AdWords

On the business side, AdWords provides keywords for companies during their market research so they can have a successful attendance on their social sites. 

13. Google News

Similar to MSN and Yahoo, Google News provides the latest happenings in the world. 

14. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is Google's version of Safari. Chrome can be downloaded on MacBook, Windows and smart phones. 

15. Google Play

Here, you can find any music or video that you would like to see or listen to. Like most music providers, some options are free and some cost money.

16. ChromeCast

In ChromeCast, you can create and post podcasts for your Google+ friends to see.

17. Google Allo

Google Allo is a texting service provided by Google. Yes, there is an app for that.

18. Google Duo

Google Duo is the Skype of Google. Both users are required to have a Google account and a webcam. 

19. Google Alerts

If you are a person that receives a lot of press, Google Alerts is here for you! Set alerts on your name or brand and receive notifications when people are posting about you. 

20. Gboard

Google decided that any old keyboard was not enough, so they decided to create their own. 

21. Google Fit

Through Google Fit, you can track how active you are each day, calories you are consuming and much more. 

22. Google Scholar

If you are doing a research project, a typical Google search might not get appropriate sources for you to use. Google Scholar provides information from reliable sources. 

23. Google Wifi

Although this is not an app (yet), you can purchase a small device that Google created to be your personal wifi router.

24. Google Input Tools

Google Input Tools is a form of Google Translate that works through speech. Speak into Google Input and receive a translation back in the language of your choice. 

25. Google Earth

Google Maps offers directions and time estimates. If you click on satellite view, you might see a blurry photo of the destination. Google Earth provides clear satellite photos of anywhere in the world. 

Although Google offers everything you could ever need, it is hard to specialize is so many areas. Keep in mind that Google can be helpful, but sometimes other programs can be of more help to you. 

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  1. I never realized how much Google had available. It's crazy to see the list of how many services they offer! It shocked me also on the quantity they provide. I had already thought there was so much to Google, but I never actually realized the amount.