Sunday, February 26, 2017

When You Have Said Too Much..

Often, I find myself on social media thinking, "Why would they post that?!", when someone may have shared too much information. A lot of people struggle with finding the balance between sharing and sharing too much. Below is a list of things I personally would not share on social media.

1. When you fight.

Posting angry rants about someone will not solve the problem. If you disagree with your spouse, child, family member or friend, try to keep it off Facebook. People will only get way too involved in your personal life and make judgements about how you handle disagreements. 

2. An announcement that is not yours. 

There is nothing worse than sharing photos of a baby before the parents or relaying the message that a friend has passed before the family has had a chance to make comments. Recently, I've seen that friends are posting congratulatory posts on a friend getting engaged and the friend becomes upset because they wanted to be the first to share the news. This is partly about knowing boundaries. I know you might have an itch to share the exciting news, but share it when it is your time. 

3. Inappropriate photos.

Although less common now, I think some people forget that employers DO check your media sites. Refrain from posting pictures of you with alcohol (especially if you are underage) and try to keep your language clean. 

There are many more things that I personally do not post, but these are the big ones. I try to keep my Facebook page full of happy news (not to say that life is happy all the time) and important information for my friends and family to know. Consider these items next time you make a post!


  1. I completely agree with each of these points. I also find myself questioning why some people post the things that they do. Yes, social platforms are a place to express yourself, but like many other things, there are boundaries. I like to keep my social media clean and professional because you never know when an employer is," checking up on you." If people start to think before they post then I think we will question less about why they posted something.

  2. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one seeing this. I have the hardest time with Instagram because all of the young girls post pictures revealing wayyyyyy too much. Yes, the new Victoria secret bikini you bought is cute, but posting pictures of yourself in the bikini to receive likes from the opposite gender to feel good about yourself is stupid. I'm a firm believer of self respect and leaving something for the imagination. Furthermore, this starts at such a young age anymore! My biggest question is, where are the parents? Do you even know what is going on in your pre-teens life?

  3. I love this post. There are so many times when I am asking "why?" while I am on social media. My largest pet peeve on social media is arguing or voicing your opinion too often. There is no need to share all of that information. If someone is truly concerned or you feel the need to let others know your thoughts please refrain from using social media to do so. It is a lot easier to pick up the phone and call others. I also appreciate your point about being inappropriate. I don't understand how and why people feel it necessary to post revealing or inappropriate pictures or content on social media. Employers are watching and you never know who may see your posts. Thanks for sharing and bringing these issues out into the open!