Thursday, February 23, 2017

Why I Prefer Apple Products

Everyone has a type. Some people like Windows or Android; I prefer Apple. Growing up, I became used to a Windows desktop and how it functioned. I had a "dumb phone" until I was a senior in high school. In junior high, I received my first iPod. I came to enjoy the functionality of Apple products. When it was time for me to get my first smart phone, I chose the iPhone. In preparation for college, I knew I would need a laptop to complete assignments. I decided that I wanted a MacBook because I was already familiar with Apple. Below are a few reasons why I prefer Apple products.

1. They all link together.

When I take photos, they appear on my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. For other companies, a secondary program, like Google, is required to transfer information from one device to another. On Apple products, information automatically transfers without a secondary program. 

2. They use the same apps.

By using Apple products, I am familiar with the calendar, Safari, notes and music, which are all the same on any device I am using. Also, I can receive text messages on my MacBook, which is nice if I am in class! ;)

3. You can still use Microsoft.

Although it does not originally come on a MacBook, Microsoft Office can be purchased and downloaded onto your MacBook. It has the same functionality as it would on another computer. 

4. Offer new tools.

One program I discovered that I enjoy is the Pages app. Through this app, I can create programs, invitations and cards. MacBooks also have an app called Numbers that can calculate student loan debt and help you budget for an event. 

Those are just a few reasons why I love my Apple products. Some generations may argue that nothing will beat the originals, but I think Apple is a very neat and beneficial invention. Ultimately, whatever you decide, make sure that it is something you are comfortable with and enjoy using. 

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  1. I was actually just having similar thoughts on Apple the other day! I love being able to get my text messages onto my MacBook. I love having them all connected to each other and they are very convenient. I never really thought of using Pages for invitations and cards. but now I definitely will use that feature! I always just use it for papers, but I forget it is useful for so much more than that. Glad someone can share my love for Apple products. Thanks for sharing!