Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Arguing on Social Media

Last year was a big election year for the United States. We were either going to have our first female president or our first non-politician president. Through the entire election process, I saw individuals in heated conversations, trying to convince their friends to vote for someone. But why?

Do people actually think that opinions will be changed by saying mean words and belittling their beliefs? If anything, you should try to establish a good relationship with the person and then persuade them. So often we let our emotions press 'post' before we have had a chance to think about what we are saying.

The saying, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all," is especially relevant today. Only kindness will make people listen. Nobody wants to be told that they are wrong, especially on opinions. 

Next time you post, think to yourself, "What am I trying to do?" and "What are the chances that I will succeed?" If the chances are not high, save yourself the trouble and risk of hard feelings among friends and refrain from posting.

Older generations are always bashing social media, rightfully so, because we have abused it. Try to encourage more, complain less and disperse positive energy.


  1. I really hated this last election season. It was the first time myself and the majority of my friends could vote for a president. I will say some of the memes were great but I unfriended a lot of people for their obnoxious social media posts. Even if I agreed with them I did not want to see a rant. Some of the worst were my own family members and my mom said I should not unfriend them even if it is just till the end of the election. So I muted them instead and might I say it has been great!

  2. This last election was a complete joke. I could not take listening to those campaign commercials every minute of the day. It seemed like every where I went, I would see Trump or Clinton written somewhere. I think I only went on Instagram for at least a month. At least there not as much was posted about the election.

  3. I hated this past election too. It was ridiculous the way America was acting. It was my first election, and it almost made me not want to vote which is definitely not how it should be. I hated even logging into my Facebook because I knew there would be so many rants and arguments occurring. It is still going on months after the election which is still annoying, but I just try and ignore them!