Friday, March 17, 2017

My Live Tweeting Experience

Thursday evening, I had the opportunity to live tweet Ohio Northern University's PRSSA meeting. Our guest speaker, Lexi Messenger, works for a boutique agency called Geben Communication. Lexi had a lot of great advice which you can check out on my Storify! Below, I am going to talk about things I learned from this live tweeting experience.

1. Type fast and Summarize

Lexi had a lot of great things to say, so it was hard for me to pick and choose what I wanted to feature in each tweet! If possible, try to narrow each tweet into one or two main points. 

2. Inform the Speaker

This was something I failed to do beforehand and I felt extremely rude to be live tweeting while she was talking. The next time I live tweet, I will be sure to make the speaker aware of what I will be doing during their speech. 

3. Notify your Followers 

This was something I didn't take into consideration until I was given this assignment. Your followers need to know if you are about to blow up their feed! Send a few tweets out the day before or even one hour before so your followers can tune in. 

4. Have a Conclusion

When your event is finished, let everyone know and thank the speaker. 

It was wonderful to get to meet Lexi and learn tips about internships, finding jobs and the general workplace. Be sure to check out my Storify for this awesome advice!

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  1. These are really great tips! I did my live tweeting event at SPC bingo, so it was a little different than yours. I think it was really important to inform my followers that I would be live tweeting so that they do not get overwhelmed with the amount of tweets coming from my feed. I also think it is a really good idea to thank the speaker or group for holding the event, especially sense I did live tweet their event.