Thursday, March 2, 2017

Twitter for Marketing

When my friends and I first got Twitter, we only followed people we knew. Everyone had a private account and Twitter was very exclusive to only acquaintances. As we got older, we began following pages for humor and entertainment. Twitter was a social app, strictly for people.
 As time went on, companies began to discover how interactive they could be with their customers through Twitter. Personally, I didn't follow companies because I didn't want advertisements filling my feed. The fact that companies were joining Twitter and seeing results in their marketing plans made me question how they were doing it. How are they getting people to voluntarily click to be advertised too?
Then I discovered their secret: interaction.

People LOVE the fact that they can message a successful business and receive a response. Once these companies respond to an individual, that person is taking a screenshot of the funny response and sharing it on their own feed. Multiples of people began mentioning their favorite companies and anticipated their response. 

One company that has particularly stuck out to everyone is Wendy's. Their witty and sarcastic responses have captured the attention of millennials and are rapidly gaining followers. Not only do they respond to every negative comment they receive, but they actively participate in current memes. 

Here is a link to some of their best: 

Lately, these companies have created their own personality and their pages are becoming a friend to follow. Twitter can now be great for advertising as long as companies are fitting into the culture correctly. It is nice to see that advertising can be fun!

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  1. I remember getting my first Twitter just to follow celebrities. I did not follow friends for a good year or two. I did start following funny pages as well and they are some of my favorites. Have you seen Tumblr Funnies they are my favorite. Also consider following Dylan and Cole Sprouse because they are so funny. I agree that I do not follow companies because I do not want advertisements taking up my whole feed but it is nice that you can talk to them so quickly and upfront while on Twitter