Monday, March 6, 2017

Will We Need Television in the Future?

So often, we see videos on social media. Whether it is sports recaps or the Oscars, most everything can be found on YouTube the next day.  Now that everything can be found on YouTube for free or Netflix for a small cost, why is it that we still have cable television? Hulu provides all the shows you need and Facebook can give you small recaps. I can't even remember the last time I have watched something live because I have the mentality of, "it will come to Netflix eventually."

Lately, I have wondered why television companies cost so much. Do people realize that they aren't using their cable so often? Personally, my parents keep cutting our cable package back because we only use Netflix anymore. If I can't find something I want to watch then I usually forget about it. There isn't an urge anymore to see something that is in theaters. 

I am sure that cable companies are aware that people are not using their package-deal landlines and cable. I am curious to see what steps they take in the future to show people why they need this product. What does cable television offer that no other site does?

Now that I have gotten my thoughts out, I am going to watch some Netflix!

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  1. I told my mom last week to not even get cable for our house. Hulu is honestly the same thing. The ironic thing is, she watches all of her tv shows the next day so she can skip the commercials (if they let her). So it would make sense for her to just get Hulu since they get the updated shows the next day. Honestly, TV will become obsolete.