Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Moving out of a comfort zone can be really challenging. As a child, my family moved every two to three years until I started school. You may have experienced a change like this when you moved into college. You could've been afraid that you wouldn't make new friends. You moved into a new space and are going to a new school. For me, change became a natural part of life. My past of constantly moving has taught be how to be ready for change, accept it when it happens and to find comfort in the change. 

When I was growing up, I don't think my dad knew what career path he wanted to take. I was born in Tiffin, Ohio, where my dad was a minister at a local church. At the time, Tiffin was experiencing an epidemic of unsafe circumstances and my parents decided to move. 

Next, my parents bought a house down the street from my grandparents in Findlay, Ohio. My dad was now working as a truck driver, and I was working on learning my alphabet before my big brother. 

A different job came along and we traveled to Anderson, IN, where my dad worked as a youth minister. My older siblings started school in this city and I started preschool. However, the school systems in Anderson, IN, were falling apart and my parents decided to move again. 

At a young age, my family moved so often that I wasn’t sure where “home” was. During this time, I learned to value my relationship with my parents and siblings. I realized that they were the one constant thing that I would have through all the changes.

Somewhere along the way, we ended up in Findlay, Ohio, for a temporary stay at my grandparents' house while my parents were house-hunting. 

When I was near the age of four, my parents bought a house in Jenera, Ohio. My dad started truck driving again and I started school at Cory-Rawson, where I would graduate 13 years later. While living in Jenera, I made some of my closest friends. 

After my 10 years in Jenera, I discovered that moving doesn’t mean you lose the friendships that you make. It taught me to appreciate the technology I have to keep in contact with my friends that are farther away.

In junior high, a new opportunity came by and my dad began preaching in McComb, Ohio. We bought a house next door to my crush at the time and that is where my parents, and occasionally myself, are living today. 

As you can see, starting over was my thing. I am confident that my siblings and I will be able to take any changes to come with ease. When we are young, we experience many changes, whether welcome or unwelcome. It may be challenging to place yourself out of your comfort zone, but that is all a part of learning and growing as an individual. 

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  1. I can't imagine moving that often. You are really strong to be able to keep in touch with others after moving so much. Think of how many people you wouldn't have met if you wouldn't have moved. That's really cool, Rachel. Glad you ended up here!