Saturday, April 22, 2017

It Really is All About Who You Know

As we grow up, it is extremely important to not burn bridges. When I applied for my first job, I had no experience but one of my references was a friend of the owner, so I got the job. The longer I am in school, I realize that it is valuable to make connections with everyone you know. Someday, that person could be a CEO or hiring you for a job you really want.

The fact that connections are so important has taught me some lessons. I am not a quick to dismiss a relationship or quit on a project because I know that I might need those people for a reference someday. People are satisfied with my work because I am aiming to please them.

Relationships are your key in the door of the job you want, however, don't become absorbed with another person. A connection can make a great path for you in your career but you also need to have skills and a personality that sets you apart. Your relationships may get you the job, but you have to maintain it. Nobody wants to hire someone that isn't actively seeking to go above and beyond everyday.

My advice is to make and maintain as many relationships as you can. While you are working on those, work on making yourself the absolute best candidate so that your references will be the last thing getting you the job.


  1. Connections and relationships are so important. I have gotten two jobs in the past because of the people I know. The jobs were not directly related to what I am studying in school, but being able to work with customers is always a great skill to have. I always try to do my best work because you never know who may be watching. Having and maintaining key relationships is always beneficial to the future.

  2. This cannot be more true! I got my first job because we went to that restaurant for years and my brother ran cross country with the owners daughter. The second job and my internship were because of my dad knowing people. I think the most important thing is to not be afraid to ask for an introduction or a foot in the door. Part of me is waiting for my dad to tell me he has a job for me after graduation. Plus just today I gave a recommendation for a friend in Buffalo, New York because my internship had an office there. Build your LinkedIn now and use it often!

  3. I couldn't agree more! Connections are crucial whether you want to believe it or not. I am a people person so I enjoy making connections with others and maintain those relationships. I am constantly trying to meet new people and connect with them in as many ways as I can. Thanks for posting!