Monday, April 24, 2017

Measuring Relationships with your Communities and Neighbors

As I mentioned in my previous blog, relationships are vital to having a successful career. Not only do relationships boost you as an individual, but relationships are beneficial to companies as well. Good relationships with a target market can create a loyal audience and a successful business. Below are a few tips to maintaining and measuring those relationships.

1. Agree on Solid Measurable Goals

Make sure that your entire team is on the same page regarding what goals you have for this project.

2. Define your Publics

Who may play a role in your companies success? Make a list of anyone who may be a stakeholder for your business. 

3. What are your Benchmarks?

Compare yourself to businesses similar to yours in other towns. Ideally, you want to benchmark against your competition. 

4. Set your Audience Priorities

Who and what is most important to measure?

5. Choose your Measurement Tools

There are different strategies to measuring results:
  • Relationship Surveys
  • Local Media Analysis

6. Analyze the Data

When analyzing data, be sure to consider:
  • When it comes up for a vote, it's too late to change anything
  • How your company is viewed by an outsider
  • Nonprofit Measurements
  • Government can plan ahead
  • Campus Opportunities
As we all learn, relationships are very important to the success of a person or company. In order to ensure that your company stays successful, make the target audience your top priority. By following these steps, you will be on the right track to pleasing your audience!

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