Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What is a Stage Manager?

When I explain to people what my majors are I often get the question, "What is that?" Everyone has a general understanding of what Public Relations is, however, very few have heard of International Theatre Production. I usually respond with, "It's all of the backstage stuff," and people can accept that, when in reality it is so much more. 

International Theatre Production covers a wide range of lighting, sound, scenic design, costuming and stage management. Most people have one or two sections that they focus on throughout their training. I am focusing on stage management. 

The stage manger is responsible for the cast and is the right-hand man or woman to the director. In short, the stage manager will help run auditions, keep track of all paperwork, take blocking notes, cue the show and keep the actors in line. 

Most often, the stage manager is the only person left once the show opens. Directors and designers will move on to their next show and it is the job of the stage manager to maintain the creativity of the show after the creative people have left. 

During the show I am currently working on, our phenomenal director, Michael Licata, has been very organized and patient with me as I am learning to do this job for the first time. This experience that I have had with this show and my stage management class is what drove me to change my Theatre major to International Theatre Production. 

I have been pleasantly surprised with how many stage management skills are interchangeable with PR. I look forward to continuing my education in both majors and becoming a very versatile employee!


  1. This was very interesting to read because I don't really know much about theater or the roles in it. I kind of knew the gist of a stage manager, but didn't know it had this many jobs! I am sure you have so much fun being the stage manager and I'm glad you had such a great experience with the show. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Explaining how and what a stage manager does is so difficult, especially to someone who has no idea wha they do. Even someone who knows what a stage manager can say how different each experience is. The experience and tasks are all dependent on the director and the cast you deal with for that show. We need more love for stage managers! Sending lots, Rachel!