Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Who is Mae?

As many of you stumble across this site, you see that my name is Rachel. I list that in my bio and in the web domain. But I often use Mae when I am thinking of clever names for my blog. My middle name is Mae, Rachel Mae. But what's in a name?
I always loved my middle name, but it was just there and I never got to use it. Then, I got a job as a waitress at Viva Maria's in Ada, Ohio. At the time, there were two other girls working there named Rachel so my boss asked me if I had a nickname. I didn't. So she asked what my middle name is and, confused, I told her it was Mae. Ever since that day, I am called Mae by all of my coworkers. I write Mae on my tickets that I give to the kitchen and I tell my family that if they want to request me as a server, I am not Rachel.
I work with several people that I also interact with around school. Some of them, who knew me from school first will call me Rachel. Others, who knew me first through work, call me Mae. It is funny when I am at school and here someone yell Mae down the hallway. I also get a chuckle when I see people struggle to call me Mae at work. Whatever the case, it works out.
It's also intriguing to me that I was able to adapt to having two names without a blink. When I was young, I would create imaginary characters for myself and would never be able to remember what my name was. When I am at work, I don't even turn when someone says Rachel because I assume that it is not me. Funny how that works out.
Anyway, there's the random story about how my middle name became such an important part of my life. Do you have any similar stories with a nickname or name change? Comment below!


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